How to use CBD

CBD Oil can be a bit of a mine field and appear to be tricky to take. 

5% - the ideal place to begin. Each drop contains 2.5mg of CannabinOil CBD.

2.5% - for people who prefer a gentler introduction. Each drop contains 1.25mg of CannabinOil CBD.

10% - for experienced users who require a stronger dose. Each drop contains 5mg of CannabinOil CBD.

For Advanced users - we have a higher strength range


drops per dose
Week 1111
Week 2222
Week 3333
Week 4444

When introducing any new supplement, it’s advisable to start low and slow, increasing gradually until the desired response is achieved.  Use the chart above as a handy guide.

Here are a few tips:

After increasing, if you find you don’t get any additional benefits, drop back to the previous intake. This is known as the ‘sweet spot’. This varies from person to person due to various factors including weight and metabolism.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease