Yes we do sample packs of FEG balms - they are £4.95 and contain 4 balm samples and some tea. click hereThese packs cannot be split. If you would like a sample of our loose tea, please send us a stamped addressed envelope and we'll get a two portion bag to you.

Shelf Life

As we are new we are looking at a shelf life of One year based on the oils, butters and wax we use.

How do I use the balm?

Gently rub the balm with the pad of your index finger or scrape a little out using your finger nail and gently apply to the skin and massage. The balm will spread with the warmth of your skin.

How soon will I feel results?

Some people feel noticeable  benefits after 20-30mins, other people might take a few applications. If you’re trying the samples, allow a few applications - don’t just write us off after one application.

Is it just for Elbows?

No, you can use is on any part of the body!

Reactions and adverts effects

If you have a reaction, contact us and we’ll find out what exactly it is. If you’re known or likely to be reactive to any of our ingredients, don’t use the product. Social media is good but we think that contacting us directly is your first step.

How do I make the loose tea?

You can use a strainer or a teapot. Add one heaped teaspoon per portion. Add boiling water and allow to steep between 5-15 mins depending on how strong you like your tea.

How do I use the salts?

Hang the bag of salts over the tap and run the water through the bag. Use the entire bag as this is measured for a full bath. This is a one use product.

Can I use the salts without the bag?

Yes, but you will end up with a lot of petals and leaf in the bath.

Is St John's Wort dangerous to use with certain medications?

The St John's Wort we use is 1;5 in sunflower oil extraction. This is as a massage oil, therefore topical use.  So, for example, 6g of oil, would have 1g of St John's Wort within it. The clinical trials that showed contraindications occurred when STJ was taken orally/internally at 300mg three times a day. We have a blog on St John's Wort here

Trials and testers

Sometimes we ask for people to trial our products giving us feedback. We send out to testers at our own costs. In return we ask for an honest, unbiased report. Even if it means sharing with family and friends. We test packaging, aroma, feel, efficacy even taste - as far as tea is concerned. We have a simple policy on the loyalty of our testers - if we don’t hear from you, we won’t ask you again! Look out on Twitter and Facebook for Calls to Action. We only need about 20 testers for any one item.