CannabinOil - New!

CannabinOils are high potency, cannabinoid-rich oils produced specifically for FEG -  we have full spectrum and broad spectrum varieties available in one of the widest ranges in the UK.

Broad spectrum - Our Hybrid CBD is THC Free containing a wide range of cannabinoids ensuring maximum results from the entourage effect.
Suspended in MCT oil, they can be vaped or taken orally giving you the unique option of both methods.

CannabinOil Hybrid products will be available in the following strengths: 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30% and 40%.

Full spectrum - Our CBG, CBDa and CBD products are suspended in hemp seed oil to utilise all the goodness of the plant. These exceptional products cater to those who understand and appreciate specialist blends and their potential.

Genesis CBG 2.5% -approx 250mg CBG
Genesis CBG 5% - approx 500mg CBG
Double 5% - CBG/CBD - approx 250mg CBG and 250mg CBD
Double 5% - CBDa/CBD - approx 250mg CBDa and 250mg CBD

and a UK first!

Triple 5% - approx 166mg CBG, 166mg CBDa, 166mg CBD
Equal measures of all three crucial cannabinoids, CBG, CBDa and CBD,
Combining a trinity of powerhouse compounds to produce a hat-trick of superior and unrivalled results.

Remember - orders over £60 qualify for free delivery!

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