Wolves and your Endocannabinoid System ... what have they got in common?

Now this might seem to be a random question, but I think it is quite pertinent. Please watch this video then I will explain.


This is in no way a political rant, just some of my thoughts and observations.

So my explanation is that hemp has been removed from the food chain for some 50 years plus. The worry was that Cannabis could contaminate food with psychoactive ingredients - Feral hemp was eaten by cattle and thus in milk and meat. The seed was fed to and eaten by poultry, etc, etc.

But what if we actually needed those cannabinoids and that our only real source of a cannabinoid was anandamide (found in chocolate - see recent media reports on obesity and the need for extra bariatric ambulances)?

I see more people around me developing unpronounceable conditions.

Our NHS is in distress.
But do you think as individuals we can be responsible for reducing that burden by finding better ways to reduce that pressure on the system? If we all took to maintaining our eCBs over the next few years, we'd see a difference in waiting times, chronic diseases, and the system would balance itself.

One other point.. if we take medication for one condition which causes side effects, then another medication and another to alleviate those side effects. Do you think that the system just wants to keep us sick and rely that we stay on medication for the rest of our lives?

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