The only real chance I get to immerse myself in water is a relaxing bath. Whether at home or elsewhere, it's easy to pack a back of salts into my overnight bag and look forward to a soak!

I remember flying to a Celtic festival in Barbados (of all places) and suffering the most horrendous jet lag. The hotel receptionist suggested that I go 'float in the pool or the sea' for maybe half an hour. I did, and surprisingly, my body clock caught up with time - or was it the other way around?

We are mostly water! 

We need water both within and without to exist. So floating is a great way to get back on track. Bathing creates a wonderful feeling of well-being and the outer appearance of cleanliness.

From the Roman times in the UK, the famous Bath Hot Springs. Called the city Aquae Sulis (“the waters of Sulis”), Bath later became a spa town during the Georgian era. As a UNESCO heritage site, it offers local residents, visitors and tourists the chance to feel the history of Bath by exploring the historic Roman spa structures, or through a real spa experience.

Therapeutic use of bathing includes hydrotherapy, healing, rehabilitation from injury or addiction, and relaxation, in warm pools. I've received hydrotherapy in the past but discovered in Lithuania, the local swimming pool wasn't rectangular at all. It was a series of smaller linked pools to sit, float or bob in at about 38-40C. Not the short sharp shock of a British 28C pool. 

hemp balm

We developed our Bath salts to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs, but with the added bonus of hemp to help cover the body with cannabinoids and minerals. High concentrations of salts increase the density of the water and increase buoyancy, which makes the body feel lighter in the bath.

Our bath salts act as water softeners and change the way soap rinses. Soap doesn't lather well with hard water and can leave a sticky feeling. Soft water lathers better than hard water but feels slippery for a longer time during rinsing of soap, even though the soap rinses off faster because the soap remains soluble.

So take time out, run yourself a bath, and let the water flow through a bag of hemp bath salts

PS. Don't forget to put some hemp balm on afterward!