We all have our favourite smells, often several, clean washing, newly cut grass and the tantalising hint of a BBQ drifting over your neighbours fence in summer are all popular choices. 

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Choosing a favourite FEG aroma is no different and can seem like a challenge when there are so many incredible fragrances to pick from. Perhaps the question is not ‘which’ but ‘why’ are we attracted to certain smells? 

The link between your nose and brain is incredibly powerful, not only can it alert us to danger in the case of a gas leak or rotten food, potentially saving our lives. It also has the ability to make us fall in love, remember a long forgotten memory and even influence our purchases. Savvy marketers recognise this and utilise it to their advantage, an estate agent may tell you to make a fresh pot of coffee during a house viewing, cinemas might waft the smell of popcorn around to encourage sales, aromas all designed to influence you in a subtle way.  

Our sense of smell works on multiple levels and intertwines with our subconscious. The perfume industry is founded on linking emotions and moods to smells, devising perfumes that create a sense of allure, power and vigour.  Associations make the difference, what is nauseating for one will be adored by the next person. A scent may be good or bad but the way you perceive it alters the way you feel about it. Sour milk is not a crowd pleaser but when you relate it to a tiny baby or puppy it's cute, innocent and infinitely less offensive. Perhaps the most prominent aromas are the ones we attach to people. No matter how much time has elapsed since you last had contact, the faintest waft of a familiar scent is enough to instantly resurrect the image of the person you associate with that smell. 

How does this work? Here's the science behind it. Smell is more powerful in conjuring memories than the other senses, sight, sound and touch because it passes through the olfactory bulb which is connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, both are responsible for memory and emotion. This explains why smell often prompts vivid memories from the past and our childhoods in particular and is known as an odour evoked autobiographical memory.  

A favourite smell is most likely to be a scent that is not only pleasant but the one that conjures up a treasured memory, place, moment in time or emotion. In short, the most evocative. Studies show that when we smell something good then we feel good too, that’s something you can never have too much of.  
The team at Fiddlers Elbow Grease have worked hard to produce a range of aromas across their hemp balms, bath salts and hemp soaps that are pleasing, mood enhancing and provoking. 

Which is your favourite Fiddler's Elbow Grease aroma?
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Written for and on behalf of Fiddler's Elbow Grease by Nicola Dowling.