MCT is incredibly versatile, it can be taken orally or vaped and is ideal for those who want to avoid a PG/VG carrier. It’s colourless and tasteless which means unlike VG it won’t affect the taste of your e-liquid. Particularly important when terpenes are present, allowing you to appreciate all the subtle nuances of the flavours and aromas.

PG (Propylene Glycol) is allergenic and some people find they simply can’t tolerate it. Currently, there is nothing to say PG is harmful when vaped, however, let’s not forget PG is a petroleum by-product. Fiddler’s Elbow Grease offers vapers an all-natural, healthy, environmentally friendly vaping option. Our MCT is extracted from coconut oil, not palm oil.

Few companies utilise MCT in their vape products, why? Mainly cost. It’s far more expensive than PG/VG. We prefer to put health and quality first at Fiddler’s Elbow Grease and use the gifts Mother Nature presents us with. MCT and CBD are a natural powerhouse combination that’s hard to beat, maximising and delivering results with every inhale.

We have a selection of premixed terpene profiles for your delectation. We took our time to choose them based on research and reviews from all around the globe. Why not check out our supreme range with added CBG?

Terpene profiles

Terpene Profile
Ideal for
Granddaddy Purple - Indica ProfileSweet, grape/berry, floral, earthySoothing, peaceful and feeling at ease with the worldEvening use or for lighter use in the daytime
Mango Kush - Indica profile
Tropical. Sweet, tangy with an aroma of real mangoes and a hint of pine.
Soothing, happy, uplifted.
 Daytime and evening use.
Zkittlez - Indica Profile
Sweet, fruity, berry, herbal and tropical (like Skittles)
Motivating and focused
Daytime and evening use
Gorilla Glue - Hybrid Profile
Earthy, pine, floral, citrus
Warming and soothing for mind and body.
Evening use or a chilled afternoon
Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mint - Hybrid Profile
Sweet, slightly minty taste on the exhale
Peaceful yet uplifting
All-day use