When my grandmother was alive, she used to cook daily. She'd clean using old fashioned methods. White vinegar and wire wool would be used on kitchen implements. There was always a bottle of surgical spirit and of course, medicinal brandy - (for shock!). I remember that her handwashing soap always had 'square' edges and  that she bought her general everyday hand washing soap in a 'loaf' and cut it herself.

At FEG,  after asking a few customers to give feedback, we've made a decision to offer this as a product. It will be made to order with the option to have it cut for you. At present, it's available in Plain or Cropredy Herbal (click here for more information).

Each loaf weighs approximately 1200g and can be cut into bars of between 90g and 120g for you.

If you order a loaf it can take up to 4 days to make, plus the time to be sent in the post, so make sure to make the most of the delivery costs and stock up on some of your other products.


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