As a musician, we're always told to look after our hands and ears. At festivals, I always have several pairs of earbuds kicking around - just in case it gets too loud or I'm pitched near a generator. The constant hum of diesel generators, background noises and murmur becomes unnoticeable until it's not there and then something gives! A mild panic for me - like a release! I can hear the birds and distant vehicles.

But what if?

What if my eyesight started to fail in a quick and unexpected way? Hemp balm isn't going to help with that!

All of a sudden, life would have to change and getting around would become very difficult. Yes, I've relied on my ears but my mobility would be impeded further by not being able to see to drive, read scales and balances and many other tasks. It's a good thing I love technology!

I was approached by a visually challenged customer a few months ago. She and I had a chat about website text to voice software and how she found it amazingly helpful. She gave me some links and off I went, looking for a nice software package that didn't sound like it was a cyborg!

I chose Website Voice as it had a great wealth of voices to chose from and relatively easy install into the website for me. If you have trouble reading any of the long descriptions on the website, just click on the green speaker button on the top left of the text and you'll hear the beautiful tones of a Male Welsh voice reading out aloud.

We see from the software dashboard that this widget is being used at least once a day. Whether that's because of the intrigue or actually someone needing it because they can't focus or see, makes no difference to us. It's free to use and can be helpful if you have an armful of baby, shopping or laundry!

It's in our nature to help as many people as possible, going through life. If you've got a website, we can't recommend this widget highly enough.