The Konjac Sponge is a totally natural facial and body cleansing sponge made from root bulb fibers of Konjac (a.k.a. konjaku, konnyaku potato, devil's tongue, voodoo lily, or snake palm). 

Asian cultures have used konjac root for over 2,000 years, and konjac sponges have been a popular item there for about 100 years, as a bath sponge for newborn babies for more than 100 years because of its soft texture, and more recently, a bath sponge for adults even without the use of soap.

Today, the Konjac Sponge is sold as a cleansing item intended for luxury cosmetics and its popularity has been on the rise as facial cleansing and bath sponge in China, South East Asia and Europe.

This 100% organic sponge has a super soft texture making it gentle, safe and will not scratch while washing away dirt and oil from the skin. 

It contains various positive minerals and is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, & E), proteins, lipids, fatty acids and natural minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium. These ingredients help nourish and smooth skin naturally. It contains no harmful chemicals, so irritation is very rare even for those with sensitive and dry skin.

Benefits of the Konjac Sponge:

  • Excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin - suitable for everyone from babies, women and men
  • Cleanses skin pores - eliminates excess sebum and gently exfoliates skin removing dead skin cells, blackheads, dirt & oil 
  • Hydrates skin & balances pH
  • 100% natural, sustainable & biodegradable
  • No toxic & harmful chemicals 
  • Animal & cruelty-free - there are no animal parts, preservatives, fungicides or harmful chemicals.
  • GMO-Free - no preservatives, fungicides or harmful chemicals.

How does Konjac Sponge work?

When the sponge is saturated, the Konjac Sponge has a unique proprietary layer that holds water. This layer on the sponge's surface constantly acts as a buffer to the skin and forms a barrier between the sponge and the skin. This results in the skin never being in direct contact with the fibres and therefore won't abrade nor damage the skin even with excessive scrubbing.

The wet Konjac layer is also slightly alkaline, so it works well to neutralize slightly acidic grime. This layer helps to break down blackheads, dirt, oil and downy hair and rinses them away, leaving your skin fresh and clean.

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How to Use a Konjac Sponge

When you first get a konjac sponge you’ll notice it’s small and rather hard. Soak the sponge in warm water for 15 minutes before the first use. Once you’ve used it, it will only need soaking for a minute or two before it softens and expands to about one and a half times its size.

Gently squeeze the excess water out by pressing the konjac sponge between your palms. Don’t be rough with it. Apply a small amount of cleanser (if desired), or just use the sponge plain.

Rub the konjac sponge on the face in upward, circular motions. Concentrate on dry or blackhead-prone areas. It’s a mild exfoliator, so it may feel like you need to scrub hard to get it to work, but that isn’t necessary. These sponges will remove dirt, sunscreen, and even makeup. (You may need to use a little bit of coconut oil to remove heavy eye makeup though.)

Rinse the konjac sponge well with cool water and gently squeeze the excess water out by pressing the sponge between your palms. Don’t twist, wring, or pull on it.

Hang it to dry, or put it on a rack so there’s airflow. Alternately, you can keep the sponge in a sealed container in your fridge. Make sure to store it away from light and humidity. Right next to your steamy shower isn’t the best option.

Taking Care of a Konjac Sponge

Every 2 weeks, place your konjac sponge in very hot (but not boiling) water for about 5 minutes to disinfect it.

After 4-6 weeks, pitch the sponge and get a new one. It’s time to replace the sponge when it no longer expands properly and starts to disintegrate.

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