We still have Surgical Spirit (aka Rubbing Alcohol 70%) available and thought that you might like to make your own hand sanitiser using our own choice of Rejuvenating Hand & Foot Oils with CBD. The only thing that you'll need is a dispenser bottle with a spray. 

It's quite easy to make

100ml of Rubbing Alcohol
2ml of Cropredy Herbal Hand & Foot Oil with CBD (40 drops)
1ml of Cropredy Herbal Essential Oil (20 drops)
And we'll give you a 4ml gauged tube to measure


Measure the Hand and Foot oil along with the essential oil in the vial
Mix with the Rubbing Alcohol, replace cap and shake
Decant into a spray or pump bottle.

You'll have both the Hand & Foot oil and the Essential Oil blend to make more in the future.

Shake before use and keep away from eyes. - Store away from children - SURGICAL SPIRIT IS A FLAMMABLE LIQUID

We're going to give you a sample of our leaf soap too  - handy to carry around when we are eventually released from lockdown.

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