It's a play on words...
Having been a 'fiddler' - violinist nearly all of my life (I started having lessons at the age of four and a half), it seemed appropriate that Fiddler had to be in the company name. The name itself combines two slang idioms or terms...

"In and out like a fiddler's elbow"  (Adult / Slang)
Expression: used when people carry out a repeated action such as going in and out of a room; often restless/anxious in origin.
Usage: "Sit still and be patient; you keep going in and out like a fiddler's elbow." (


"Elbow grease" is an idiom for working hard at manual labour. It is a figure of speech for humorously indicating nothing else but manual work is required. It is sometimes reported in the form of a a prank where an apprentice or recruit is sent on an errand to retrieve "elbow grease" by his supervisor. (From Wikipedia)

So repetitive hard work - and it's not like we aren't used to it! 

NB: We haven't sent Jake for a tin of elbow grease, a skirting board ladder, a glass hammer or sky hooks just yet. Although tartan paint might be on the cards!

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