Every year I trundle into a cow pasture and pitch my tent with my friend and enjoy the local festival. It's only 8 miles from my home but sleeping outdoors and being amongst many friends is a privilege only offered to a few. 

It's amazing to see 20,000 people descend from all over the world to share good times, fond memories, fantastic entertainment and of course, Meet on the Ledge.

One of my favourite fiddle players and friend Ric Sanders will be performing - a fiddler who makes me cry - and always induces a blessed state within me. Any version of Hiring Fair has me in rapture!

This year Fairport Convention celebrate their 50th anniversary as a band, so it's extra special. The first year for Fiddler's Elbow Grease - so a lot of catching up to do! 

None of us are getting any younger and many fiddle players and musicians, young and not so young are using our balm after playing.or just as and when.

We are advertising in the Festival programme in support of this wonderful annual event. Don't forget to use the Discount Code within it - if you're there and have bought the programme.* 

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